we live, we breathe, we dance.

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Kelsey Micko. U20 competative irish dancer Southern Region. Drake School

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"Wanting to dance isn’t enough to make you dancers. Get your head out of the clouds and start thinking critically. You have to face your physical limitation, not everyone is meant to be a dancer. Prepare yourself for a lifetime of hard-work, sacrifice and more often than not - disappointment."
- Lucy Raine (voiceover), Dance Academy (via danceacademyquotes)

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So I have some somewhat exciting news! (lol bad way to phrase it) kmicko and I are going to be auditioning to take part in USF’s student concert, which is basically a chance to put your choreography out there. I’m hoping to get a video of it so I’ll be able to show you guys! and use it for…



accidentally ignores all of my friends for 6 weeks


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